Sunday, September 21, 2008

Business Cards

So, after Kristina's Color Inspiration I started to think in a design for my business cards. It was not easy, I was actually thinking about just take the logo and the info and get them done somewhere, but then my HH (Handsome Husband) mentioned wouldn't they be better if you make them yourself? I mean you are a paper crafter and have good ideas sure will come up with something.

I said to myself "DUHHHH". Of course I should!!! So after thinking, trials and errors I came up with an original design for my business cards. Check them out!!!

I made them with leftover papers I had from other projects, I think I gave them good use. I made these cards with different paper design on both sides. I made sure they would go together or contrast nicely.

Also after reading and trying so many ways to glue the vellum paper... I decided I would go with the UHU glue stick and use it in very small quantities. Paper is from My minds eye and DCWV. I thought about adding on tiny embellishments but... I was worried it would have been too much and it would not fit in people's wallet or whatever. So I thought about some cute little holes and it looks nice!

What do you think?


Rosio said...

Karla, you are so creative!
I meet you while chatting in 2 peas in a bucket yesterday (rosio g). you have really great ideas and just loved chatting w/ those girls. o and i love your blog!

scrappinsarah said...

Karla - What an amazing idea!!! I LOVE them! I'm so glad I ran into you at 2 peas b/c I really love your blog!

Anonymous said...

hola, te quedaron espectacularmente bellas, pero no se de que tamaño son? en las fotos las veo muy grandes, no se si son cosa mías?. Cathy. La flaca.

Berenice said...

Really nice cards! Great job.
Te quedaron muy bien.

Artfelt Expressions said...

Very very very nice!