Friday, June 18, 2010

A Card Before the Summer Break!

Hello everyone!

I am note sure if you have already deleted me from your following list. I hope not. Could have been a more busy time of the year?! ehhhh nop! the schoool year came to an end and with it graduation among other things.

I was asked to make invitations for a tea and here are the results. I love the old look of these invitations. The only actual card-making tool I used is the binding edge punch. it is one of the three punches I brought with me from home but wasn't able to use and this was the perfect opportunity to.

 I have to admit it was an easy task in many ways AND.... FUN! as you can tell these images nor the background are stamped. Yeap, I made them with most simple computer program we all have installed in our computers. and of course I had access to a super lovely laser printer... what a huge difference that makes... I am thinking I should get a laser printer...

Anyway, people, please let me appologize for not being able to post anything. Besides the bussiness I got no inspiration for cards lately ... I keep thinking I need to have a purpose for these cards many of the ones I made are sitting in a ziploc bag waiting to be giving but the opportunity has not come at all!

On a different note. I am very happy because Summer is here and it is time to put into action the travel plans we thought so much about for the last month or two. So, I will be going back home to see family and friends! I miss them dearly! (sigh). We are leaving on monday (21st) and will be in the country the 23rd yipiii!

Okay, enough. I just though of a great opportunity to make cards... my family and the gifts we are taking with us! a couple of tags would be great don't you think?