Thursday, February 5, 2009

Kristina Werner Color inspiration # 40!!

Sorry I have not post anything is such a long time... I just went back to work and now I don't have as much time as I would love to.

I was also patiently waiting for Kristina's Color Inspiration and here it is.
What a great color combination! I actually used these colors to make a group of cards. Please check them out.
Closed, showing the front.

Open and showing the cards inside!

This is my favorite of the cards!
I really like these colors, they are sort of citrus-y. I agree with Kristina!...

This is my second favorite one!

I used My Minds Eyes paper, Chipboard ( I dont remember the company) and no stamp! How crazy is that!? I also used paper punches, markers... I am trying to think really hard about the materials I used but they don't seem to be coming up in my mind.

Please check, enjoy and please leave a comment!