Friday, March 19, 2010

Every Bit

Hello everyone... AGAIN!

I have been very happy with the Cosmo Cricket paper I got a few weeks ago. Bu I have also become very aware of how little paper I have and the so very SMALL chances of getting some more any time soon. So because of that I have become a RECYCLER. I've always tried to use every single piece of paper but nowadays I think twice before throwing anything. from circles to small corners.
So I have used couple of pieces of the 6x6 Cosmo Cricket paper to create several cards with different sentiments. Here they are:
On this one (on top)I started to put small and big pieces together...
Fot this one I was already a bit out of paper and cardstock. can you tell? hehehe.
I was trying to post these cards in the same order I made them but made the mistake of thinking I could change the order easily. Don't you hate when Blogger just doesn't make it wasy for you?!
Well, on this one (on top) I created still had a bit of paper. and created a window card.
Ohhhh on this one I still had a lot and made a circle and used a big piece to place on the side of the card again with KWerner inspiration!
Well, so these are all the cards I made with three pieces of 6x6 and help of leftover color cardstock.
Have you done such a challenge?! I mean using specific quantity of paper to make x number of cards?! If so let me know and tell me about how you rationed the paper.

Wishes and Laughter!

Hello everyone,

I know it's been a long time. I have been as busy as a bee. Work has been hectic but today I am ready to take our spring break vacation and enjoy it. We will be going to Thailand for couple of weeks and will be hopefully, refreshed and ready to face the rest of the school year...

So, I was very happy to be able to order a few little things. I actually order paper (6x6) from cosmo Cricket and a few other necesary things. I couldn't believe it made all the way to Islamabad in great conditions! Quite expensive but it definitely help get my creative juices flowing again!

So I have been busy creating cards inspired by those amazingly creative people I follow. Here are some of the cards I have created with time.

Yes, I tried to have a KWerner kind of background picture.. I think I will stick with what I know works for me. Plus I do't have that much designer paper to do this.

I used Hero Art stamp sentiment along with Cosmo Cricket paper and some leftover Chipboard I brought with me.

I was isnpired by Kwerner and cut 3/4" piece from the bottom of the card and replaced it with cosmo cricket paper. I really like this card and how it turned out.

I will edit the size of the other photos and will post them ... hopefully today before we leave to Thailand. Thanks for reading my blog! see yah soon!