Sunday, August 30, 2009

No Stamp Birthday Card

Hello, hello!

Yes, this is a Birthday card. Taking intoaccount my shortage of basic materials I decided to start experimenting making cards with out stamps. I like to scribble so whenever I draw something I like then I make a template on vellum paper. So this card I think turn out pretty well. Check it out!

Yes, I still have some designer paper. This one in particular I don't know the name. It came with a chipboard packet I got somewhere. I am sure you have also seen this image in the past. I used it to make a birthday card at the very begining of this blog. The message... well, I am not very happy with it but it works okay. It is my hand writing.

Okay girls, that is it for today I am happy to be able to post as much as I have these last few days. Hope to read you soon!


Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Boiling-Hot Creativity!

Hey there!
Hope you guys are doing great. Not having internet for a day due to wiring problems was great yesterday. My creativity juices started to boiled and came out with some good sketches. For now I want to show you the result of one.

For some reason my pics are not as good as they used to, I might try to make them bigger.
So what do you think? Were the juices boiling-hot enough?
I have to go... I am watching a documentary with my hubby.
Many hugs!

Sunday, August 23, 2009

First Cards in a Foreing Land

Hello everyone!

I am very happy but a little sad too. I am very thankful for everything that has happened to us. We moved to Pakistan and have had a great start here.
I am a little sad because I didn't get to bring all my suplies. I wasn't able to buy all of the cute things or the much needed things I was dying to get before coming here. I could not get soooo many things but with all and all I am very thankful for everything.
Our days here have gone really fast and everything's been fine. We are really enjoying our house, garden and the neighborhood. I have even met a papercrafter today through e-mail, Hi Afsha!!

Since I don't have many of the materials that I normaly use. I have decided to try and go black and white for the first card. Here it is!
I thought the card wasn't as sad as I imagined in my mind. It actually made me feel very good. The truth is that I was not in the mood to create but I thought I would organize my craft spot and give it a try.

Then a challenge!! There was a Baby shower for four baby boys!! Yes, four baby boys and four different moms. I checked for ideas on ETSY and KWerner's blog. Put different ideas together and here is the card I came up with.

What do you think about my first cards in a foreign land? Now I can say I feel very challenged and very happy to have such a great opportunity. To be VERY creative and use materials like I have never used before.

Many hugs and thanks for reading!