Sunday, March 22, 2009

Thank You Teacher!

Hello there!

I made this card thinking my friends can use it to thank their son/daughter 's teacher... for parent teacher conference, for report cards, or for any special occasion just fo a teacher!

I used DCWV, I and SU Defining stamp set. I was actually really suprised on how many colors I used and they look great together. The colors are bright and really loudly screams: "SCHOOOL!!" I really like it!

I hope you find some inspiration on this card! Many thanks for stopping by!!

You & Me!

Hello there!!!
Just uploading some pictures of cards. Very simple card. I used inkadinkado acrylic letter stamp set, some great embossing powder and DCWV cardstock!

I made this thinking about love, happiness and my hubby! I know these are not his colors at all but it is how I feel when I see him you know light, soft... (sigh) sorry I got carried away hehehe.

Enjoy and let me know what you think!


Kristina's Color Inspiration # 46

Wow!!! I tried sooo hard, so hard. Tim and I have two cameras and I tried using one of them but the memory stick was not working on my computer!!!! How frustrating but anyway... I just wanted to still posted eventhough I would have not been participating.

I was inspired by Kristina making her own embellishments! So here I made my own flowers just two but I think they turnout very cute. It was difficult not to use white I had to!!!I used colors from the challenge but I got tha cardstock from The Pack from DCVW! I love it!I also used Stampin Up smart cookie set! I wish there was a bigger version of this stamps set!

So what do you think? Do you think I could have make it to the top ten!? hehehe I don't know but I really liked the flowers I might use it in other projects! we'll see!

Sunday, March 15, 2009


A few weeks ago I posted a message really happy 'cause I found "Scrap it" the only store with basic scrapbooking and cardmaking materials. They have this Challenge where they let me pick a chipboard letter with wich I have to create a card... after struggling for a whole week I was able to come up with a couple of cards that I love... check them out.

I picked the letter "U" I think the U is very versatile... easy to use when it comes to a writing a sentiment. The only problem was that the letter was almost too big. LOL. it worked all right I think, right? what do yah think?

Materials: well, let me see if I remember.. uhm... yes bazzil cards stock, the paper I don't know where it is from I think it is K&B, I used versamark, white embossing powder, SU smart cookie set, some small pieces of DCWV card stock from The Pack.

Anyway... three different cards with couple of things in common, can you tell wich ones? besides the letter "U"? And wich one is your favorite? Mine is the one with orange designer paper!

Many hugs!!!

Saturday, March 14, 2009

Max Is Here

I made friends with a great Pre-Kinder teacher. Karina is a wonderful person I wish I would have met her long time ago. Anyway... she will be bringing Max to this world very soon and we are all wishing her the best while she is getting ready for his arrival.

Karina was looking at other cards I made and she came up with this great layout. I think it is soooo lovely! it took me nothing to put these cards together. What yah think? I love it!!

The paper is from DCWV, star punch and dimensionals... the rest is my printer's work.

(sigh) I can't wait to see little Max soon!


Teacher-Like Card

Looking at old cards. I found this one. I loved it sooo very much I thought.. hey I have not share this card yet. So here it is...

I remember when I made this card I was not working and was in teacher-like kind of cards... I got a very cheap apple puncher and used it to create this and other cards... I really like the apple design. Also these very basic colors... reminds me of school and the simple colors that can make a teacher's room a very warm and welcomy environment for children.
No fancy materials for this card. I think the only fancy one was the ribbon I got from the local craft store. Of course the SU stamps and ink. The paper I took from my notebook and old boxes cardboard ... Isn't it cute? I love the red apple, I used Versamark and clear embossing powder and finally punched the apple!!! really neat contrast and a great look.
Look at this card and think of ..... a Pencil! ;)
Many hugs!

Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Long Time Not Updated

Yeap I know it is been a long time and I am very sorry. But here I come with a couple of cards.

But before giving you the cards I want to share something. I finally went to the only scrapbooking store in this big city. Not a very big store,taking into account that there are soooo many companies with soo many great products.. you can go to to check it out. It is not a big website but it will give you an idea of how new the scrapnooking is in this country.

So I tried uing some Color Inspiration and couldn't post it on time to participate in the top 20 but I just thought I could post it now.. I used the same sentiment stamp...
Did you noticed I am not using any designer paper? I know I guess I have used none before but it is not usual. Soooooo what do you think? like it? any suggestions?