Thursday, December 18, 2008

KWerner Color Inspiration # 35

Couple more days and our Christmas vacation will start. In the mean time I keep enjoying Kristina's Color Inspiration. This week we have fab colors! check them out (click the pic for more info).

I made this card trying to use the colors in the challenge aaaaaand see if some of my friends ( who are teachers) like them!

I used SU colors and stamps I also added a bit of cork! actually an apple cork, what yah think?

I really like this card. I think the colors are very elegant!

Thursday, December 11, 2008

More Note Cards

Soooooo, here they are. These are the rest of the cards I made for my friend. They have the same layout (sort of) with little changes! Check them out!

There it is, my handwriting again! hehehe...

This one with rounded corners at the bottom of the designed paper.

I love the MME paper!!! love it! so.. what do yah think? let me know.


Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Kristina Color Inpiration # 34

Hola, hola!

I have made this card for a great person and a good friend! She is moving next week to a different country and eventhough I don't see her often, I know I will miss her a bunch and hope we meet again someday. I hope she enjoys it, actually, I made a set of 4 note cards for her as a gift. I will show them to you later in the week.

For now I just want to show you one of the four cards I made for my friend. This cards were inspired by the template Kristina, once shared with all of us, I will try and look the link so you can have it too. So I hope you like it! Here it is.

Cute, ah? I really loooove this paper, I have used design paper from Special Occasions.

I keep telling you and myself this, it is hard to create a card with stamps that I have used once and again, and again, again and again. I am getting more as soon as I can. I am mentioning this because of the sentiment on this card. It was hand written, which is not so great looking, (Sigh)

I am sorry I was babbling hehehe. Please, enjoy it and let me know what you think, leaving a comment.

Many, many hugs!!!

P.S. Sorry it took me a while, but I finally found the template! Hope you enjoy it!

Monday, December 8, 2008

Have a Very Merry Christmas

It's been a very long time since I published anything... I feel like I say this every time I update the blog hehehe... I have to apologize.
Anyway, tonight I am bringing you a couple of cards. My idea was to make them so I could place cute pics inside somewhere, what do you think of these?

I have created this window card, thinking about bright colors and very Christmas like with trees and snowflakes. I loved making this one, it was very fun and it is the second time I have ever used buttons. I might change the buttons to something else since it might be too bulky to mail it.

I was trying to create something not so Christmasy but Christmasy, you know what I mean? hehehe. Christmas colors, but not necessarily the season symbols, except for the embossed trees on the right of the card, really hard to see in this pic.

With this one I tried to get the season symbols with soft colors, the only problem with this one is that I didn't finished it. I had the idea but then got distracted and "puff" it was gone... nothing that I tried I liked... I think I am just getting tire of using the same stamps set over and over again. Anyway, what can I do to finish this card? Any ideas or suggestions?
Actually, you know what? I think that would be a great idea for a challenge, don't you think? to finished a card...uhmmmm... I wonder if there are challenges like this. Okay okay I am getting distracted once again.
Like them? Please let me know.
Many hugs.

Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Sending Love at Christmas!

Good morning everyone!

First of I am very happy I made it to the top ten on the Color Inspiration #32 at Kristina Werner! I didn't really mean to, I though I didn't have a chance since it took me forever to come up with a great idea but... hey I made it!!!!!!

I have always wanted to do this kind of card since I saw Jennifer McGuire making a fab one. Mine is a bit different because I am not dry embossing and I do not have the same stamps, or materials since they are soo hard to find them here! anyway... Here it is. I hope you like it... and as usual, if you have any suggestions or improvements, I am all ears, sorry, eyes!

I almost forgot, I love how the ribbon looks on this card, but If I am going to mail it, I wonder if the envelop would end up tearing or something! any suggestions about that? I know I can replace the ribbon with something else, I just really like it! what do you do when you have to mail a cards with a nice ribbon and bow or nod?

Many, many hugs!

PD: What do you think Kerry?