Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Coming Back Home

Good evening everyone!

(Sigh).. yeah... we are traveling tomorrow night and today it has hit me... vacation is over. The journey back to Islamabad will be very long and I am not really looking foward to it but we will finally be home and ready for work and also back to my beloved tools and paper!

Talking about paper... I love Paloma Gomez and her creativity you can see her ideas here. She is also having a very generous Candy giveaway...She is celebrating her first Blogaversary so please go to the blog to participate.

 I am very excited for her. She is such a creative crafter and her stamps are amazing!!

Okay people, I am have to finish packing and go to bed to start fight for the jetlag, any tips!?


Friday, June 18, 2010

A Card Before the Summer Break!

Hello everyone!

I am note sure if you have already deleted me from your following list. I hope not. Could have been a more busy time of the year?! ehhhh nop! the schoool year came to an end and with it graduation among other things.

I was asked to make invitations for a tea and here are the results. I love the old look of these invitations. The only actual card-making tool I used is the binding edge punch. it is one of the three punches I brought with me from home but wasn't able to use and this was the perfect opportunity to.

 I have to admit it was an easy task in many ways AND.... FUN! as you can tell these images nor the background are stamped. Yeap, I made them with most simple computer program we all have installed in our computers. and of course I had access to a super lovely laser printer... what a huge difference that makes... I am thinking I should get a laser printer...

Anyway, people, please let me appologize for not being able to post anything. Besides the bussiness I got no inspiration for cards lately ... I keep thinking I need to have a purpose for these cards many of the ones I made are sitting in a ziploc bag waiting to be giving but the opportunity has not come at all!

On a different note. I am very happy because Summer is here and it is time to put into action the travel plans we thought so much about for the last month or two. So, I will be going back home to see family and friends! I miss them dearly! (sigh). We are leaving on monday (21st) and will be in the country the 23rd yipiii!

Okay, enough. I just though of a great opportunity to make cards... my family and the gifts we are taking with us! a couple of tags would be great don't you think?


Sunday, April 18, 2010

The Surprise(s) and more!

Good evening everyone!
How are you doing? So, remember I told you there was a little surprise?! Well, here it is:
The Paper Caper was featured in Inspirational!!! OMG!!! first time ever! and I am so greatful thanks a lot Anthonette... this totally made my week... month and year! I am also very excited to have visitors and new followers. Thanks a lot you guys are amazingly good to me!

I am also very happy because I was invited to participate in a Bazaar for today. I took my cards with me to sell and had tons of fun, meeting people and catching up with those I haven't spoken in a long time. Thanks Alana!
I have also beeing trying to post these cards but it's been impossible! So here they are...

I used Hero Art Stamp sets. I looooove both stamp sets. I am not sure about the cards though. I think they are nice and simple! very easy to make too!

I like thisone better of the two cards. I am so curious to know what have you guys come up with these stamp set.
Well I am going to keep it short here. It is Sunday night here and got to work tomorrow. You all have made me sooooo happy!

Tuesday, April 13, 2010

What do these have in common?

Hello there!

I am soo happy and I am dying to let you know why. I am just not sure how it works and I promise I will let you know as soon as I am sure but I rather wait and see what happens before I tell you.

In a different note..tell me, what do these cards have in common?! Yes, you got it! it is the colors and o course the paper. I have come up with another way to use the same piece of paper to create several cards.

This one you'll notice is not very straight but I liked the idea. I used Cosmo Cricket 6x6 paper a tons of bit of paper I carried with me all the way from America. I also used Hero Art stamps, versamark and embossing powder of course.
Of all these cards I think this one was the funnest to create. Lots of itsy bits to do with a great result ( in my opinion anyway) I should be more humble and let you be the judges!
Again, tons of bits of paper, staping, embossing, sutting gluing... sigh, fun, fun, fun.

Last but not least, butterflies! I heard they are very IN these days I don't have many to different kinds of butterflies so you will be seeing these several times for a while.
Well, I am truly can't wait to let you know but I promise as soon as it happens I will come and blog about it!
Many hugs and thank you for passing by and read!

Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Thanks Chick Colour

Hello there!
Have you ever heard the saying " We'll just have to make do"? I have actually had it in my head for the last 8 months. So with that in mind I have come up with ideas to make the cards I WOULD make IF I had the proper materials. So for this one I cut and made my own "Stencil" kind of stamp with the letters.
I think it turned out well except I won't be able to use the template anymore I kind o ruined it with versamark plus I chose the wrong material to make it.
Anyway... I would love to hear about what improvisation you have made to made cards... if you do have one please let me know!
Many hugs! and thanks for visiting!

Monday, April 5, 2010

Thanks Chic!

Good afternoon or morning or evening...

Hope you are all great today. To tell you the truth, I am a bit tired but excited to show you this card. I know there is nothing really special to this card, I just really like it!!

I have actually thought of making a series of the same kind of black and white cards with itsy bits of color. The only color I added on this one was a 3/4" stripe of Cosmo Cricket paper I used at the border of the card.

I also love the chic from a stampin up set I can't remember the name of... but I am telling you that chic is quite versitile, don't you think? I also added the heart with one of the Hero Arts stamp and some of my hand writing.

Easy to put together, fast and cute, what do you think?


Saturday, April 3, 2010

Old Valentine's

Oops! I completely forgot to post these tags I made to give along with St. Valentine's day little goodies to all of our new friends here in Islamabad.

I used the DCWV Mi Casa Collection. It was the only paper I brought with me before leaving the USA.

Please excuse my camera from this next picture. This pic just made me realize I need to up grade to a better camera... something that won't change the colors in my cards. Hopefully won't have to be a very big camera or too sofisticated or at least easy to use! What camera do you currently use to take pics of your cards?! please let me know!

In the space above the "have a great day "tag I worte a tiny note.

What do you think? Anyway... enjoy it!

Friday, April 2, 2010

Music Recital

Hello there!

We are back from our trip to Thailand. Let me tell you it is our second time there and it was great! we planned better this time and our time there turn out to be much more enjoyable.

Okay lets go to the matter of this post which is this card down here. It is actually an invitation I was asked to create for a Srping Music Recital. I first started thinking about flowers and things like that... but since I had to create at least 15 I knew I could not put too many details in this card... so here it is...

I used thread inspired on KWerner's card. I don't have much material but what I have I am trying to use every bit or recycle which I did. the Kraft paper is recycled!

The music notes were "saddly" printed from my computer. I say saddly because to tell you the truth I rather stamp them but hey it worked!

So what do you think? In a different note. I am very happy to be back to our home in Islamabad. Our bed, our confortable kitchen, living room and tv room! Love them all!

Friday, March 19, 2010

Every Bit

Hello everyone... AGAIN!

I have been very happy with the Cosmo Cricket paper I got a few weeks ago. Bu I have also become very aware of how little paper I have and the so very SMALL chances of getting some more any time soon. So because of that I have become a RECYCLER. I've always tried to use every single piece of paper but nowadays I think twice before throwing anything. from circles to small corners.
So I have used couple of pieces of the 6x6 Cosmo Cricket paper to create several cards with different sentiments. Here they are:
On this one (on top)I started to put small and big pieces together...
Fot this one I was already a bit out of paper and cardstock. can you tell? hehehe.
I was trying to post these cards in the same order I made them but made the mistake of thinking I could change the order easily. Don't you hate when Blogger just doesn't make it wasy for you?!
Well, on this one (on top) I created still had a bit of paper. and created a window card.
Ohhhh on this one I still had a lot and made a circle and used a big piece to place on the side of the card again with KWerner inspiration!
Well, so these are all the cards I made with three pieces of 6x6 and help of leftover color cardstock.
Have you done such a challenge?! I mean using specific quantity of paper to make x number of cards?! If so let me know and tell me about how you rationed the paper.

Wishes and Laughter!

Hello everyone,

I know it's been a long time. I have been as busy as a bee. Work has been hectic but today I am ready to take our spring break vacation and enjoy it. We will be going to Thailand for couple of weeks and will be hopefully, refreshed and ready to face the rest of the school year...

So, I was very happy to be able to order a few little things. I actually order paper (6x6) from cosmo Cricket and a few other necesary things. I couldn't believe it made all the way to Islamabad in great conditions! Quite expensive but it definitely help get my creative juices flowing again!

So I have been busy creating cards inspired by those amazingly creative people I follow. Here are some of the cards I have created with time.

Yes, I tried to have a KWerner kind of background picture.. I think I will stick with what I know works for me. Plus I do't have that much designer paper to do this.

I used Hero Art stamp sentiment along with Cosmo Cricket paper and some leftover Chipboard I brought with me.

I was isnpired by Kwerner and cut 3/4" piece from the bottom of the card and replaced it with cosmo cricket paper. I really like this card and how it turned out.

I will edit the size of the other photos and will post them ... hopefully today before we leave to Thailand. Thanks for reading my blog! see yah soon!

Tuesday, February 2, 2010

2 in 1 Embellish Magazine Challenge

Hello Everyone!

I have just fallen for the colors on Embellish Magazine. So here I am one more time playing with the colors and embellishment of this challenge.

It was required to use ribbon along with brown, pink and turquoise... click HERE to check their post for this challenge.

So I made this one first:

Right colors but I wasn't convinced. I just think this card was just not my style. I even tried taken different angle pictures just to see if I ended liking it.

But it didn't work... so I started another one and noticed I forgot to make a close up of How I use the ribbon to make a butterfly so here is part of a second card I made for the challenge and a close up of the ribbon.

Here is the card TA- DAAAAA!

I like this one better... I still feel it is not me but I liked the result... simple, and confortable layout and follow all the rules!
For these two cards I used ribbon I bought by meters in a store ( sorry I don't know the brand), Hero Art stamp, embossing powder, Martha Stewart stamps and a cutsie little flower given to me by a friend.
Well, let's see if I can submit... I can't connect to the website for some reason.
Okay...tons of hugs!

Monday, January 25, 2010

EBTKS Challenge # 3

Hello everybody,

Have you been by the EBTKblog? Check this sketch out...what do you think? Even though I usually make sketches before I make a card (well I try)... this turned out to be quite difficult... you know I was in search of something that has never been done! hehehe silly me.. it took me forever to come up with something "unusual" and end up with...well... that... go on... keep scrolling down you'll see what I mean...Yeah this is it. I particularly like it... a bit disapointed that it wasn't out of the ordinary but hey... something doesn't have to be uncommon to be beautiful. right?

It's been a while since the last time I have submitted anything. want to play along? I think you might still have a few hours check it out! Everything But The Kitchen Sink challenge #3. Enjoy it!

I am going to keep this sweet and short to check on the other creations. I am always inspired and amazed of all the things everyone else do in these fun challenges.

I have used many materials that I was given and I have not a clue of what company designed the paper or what collection they are from the paper or brad. I have used Hero Art acrylic stamps, and Martha Stewart acrylic stamps with Versamark and embossing powder as well as brads.

Simple and super easy to do. What do you think?

NOTE: After looking at all the fabulous creations I have noticed I made a mistake in the layout of my card... I wonder if it will be automatically scratched from the challenge... canyou tell? the upper part of my layout is split ( between the brown and dark orage) sniff, sniff!

Sunday, January 17, 2010

Embellish Magazine Challenge: Color with Stripes

Hello Everybody,

After my last post I was sooooo determined I sat down on that desk chair and didn't got up until I had an idea. Well, it worked!! and here is my take on this fabulous challenge at Embellish Magazine. I do recommend that you pass by and filled your eyes with the amazing cards the team made for this challenge.

So here is my submission:

I used SU Fun & Fast Notes stamp set, Color Box ink, Hero Art Stamp for the sentiment, Bazill paper along with Pocket Full of Possies Stack paper from DCWV. Not many things, ah?!

Okay I am very sleepy. While here is 10:00pm, it is close to noon back home. Just the thought of it makes me tired. Have a good night rest and I promise I will keep practicing the same tactic in order to get cards done... just sit until a card comes up!

Good night

Aren't Those My Ideas!?

Hello everyone!

I am not posting a card today. I have to though make a comment about all the cards that I have seen around in all the different blogs and cards of people participating in the so many challenges.

I have noticed in more than one occasion people have had the same ideas I have had. Does that ever happened to you? I have gone around looking at the color challenges as well as the layout challenges and amazes me that when I check the already submitted cards they have either the layout or the same use of colors I was thinking of... waut a minute...Aren't those my ideas?! should I still go for it and create a card that would look like the one someone else's made?! What do you guys do in this situation? It is very acquard and very incredible that this happens. I have to say that it happened too many times this weekend.

Anyway, that makes me be a bit down and creatively bumped for this weekend.

I have also find that the expectations on some of these challenges have gone either very low or is it that the winners are picked up randomly by a computer software?! if someone knows about what is going on with the challenges or me, please let me know!

Thanks for reading!

Sunday, January 10, 2010

Embelish Magazine Color Challenge

Hello again... I am telling you this is definitelly a record, not only am I posting twice today but I am posting cards to submit the into challenges. I am very motivated for different reasons: first I have got new goodies and second the challenges are HOT! great colors or they are very... uhhmmm...challenging in terms of materials to use in the projects... plus I get to meet tons of people in these challenges.
Well, this are the colors for the Embellish Magazine Color Challenge... very Valentine's colors but I thought of friendships instead and this is what I came up with:

Well, part of it. In the box of new goodies I got Inkadinkado's fun cartoons ( I can't remember the exact name of the stamp set but it is cute. I also been loving stamping these characters and instead of coloring them I jut cut them and leave them just like they are.

So this card is quite simple but I still like it. what do you think?!

So, thanks again for stopping by. I hope you are enjoying being part of all these challenges and gettng your creative juices flowing like crazy!

Everything But The Kitchen Sink Challenge No. 6

Hello there!

While going nuts without craft goodies, I kept looking at the challenges over at EBTKS.
I loved how everybody worked so hard and got rewarded with nice candies!

Well, this time I had to participate. This time the main material to be use was from wrapping paper to napkins... since I don't have any of those laying aorund the house and it was allowed to use paper from a variatyof things... I had to use this bag.

I have had an eye on this bag for a long time now. It is very black but I love splash of color on it. so... this bag was going to be part of my challenge. This is what I came up with:

I had to also use a wood stamp. No I am not talking about wood mounted stamps, I am talking about wood stamps. Whenever you come to Pakistan or India you will see beautil fabrics and when you ask about them they will say it is hand colored, handprinted or handmade period. So what they mean is that they have used woodblocks to stamp it. I regret not having a pic of the little wood stamps I got.
Saddly you can't use just any ink. you have to use a thick ink... SU ink pads wont work neither chalk. I had to use Speeball ink and let it sit for a while to dry completely. It might look a bit busy of a card but I still like it.

I love the colors I was able to get from the bag. I almost wish I could have used them all in this card, they are very warm and bright, my kind of colors!
Okay you guys... hope you are palying along this challenge, enjoy the card, and hope this gets you to recycle some cute bags this way.

Friday, January 8, 2010

Kristina Werner Color Inspiration # 57

Hey 2 posts in one day? I know, I can't believe it either! Well this time I had participate in Kristina Werner Color inspiration #57. She use to use a lot of her time to post these and not only that go through a few submissions that suddendly became hundreds... So I understand it takes tons of time to sort and go thru all the entries.

So know you understand whay I had to participate. Plus the colors are great and I challenged my self to use them all. So here is my submission.

The colors are not exactly the same and it was not wasy to put them together but I liked the results.
I used Inkadinkado stamps, Color Box inks, Martha Stweart stamps, embossing powder, and lot of patience to cut the gecko. I love that the gecko is plain white. it looks very cartoonish and "vintagy"?! Anyway, one more image and you can go ahead and check the rest of the submissions.

Thanks for stopping by... I will keep playing and posting!


Thank you Owl

Checked what inspired travelingmama in this post. I really loved not only the objects but also the colors and since I finally got some inks and new stamps... I had to play with them and use the color combination she had going on in the post.

So with no further due...

The Size of this card is half of a regular 5 1/2 x 4 1/4. I am telling you those colors worked great! I was lucky to have some of them. I really do feel very blessed to be able to buy online and get some goodies delivered. I was really down not to have my usual stash.

So, for this card I used: Martha Stweart acrilic stamp, Hero art acrylic stamps, Color Box inks and some ramdom paper I bought at the local Book store.

I thought it turned out pretty well and made three more cards. I already give them away to Faye. She was very generous during the holidays and let me borrowed tons of her stamps so I could make some Christmas cards.

Thank you Faye!! Thanks to all of you that visit and drop great enocuragment comments... You Rock!