Sunday, December 6, 2009

Happy Holidays!!

Hello everyone!

It was a very nice weekend. Visiting a couple of Bazaars to try to get things for the house. Baking Babka and trying to make a sketch card some to live.

I have been in the mood for christmas, I have added to my library list of music at christmas music, well some. I have been missing the smells of christmas from home. So today I was able to change the desing I sketched to mae it look lika this:

So what do you think?! I have used so little materials it is not funny!! I amloing everybodies seasonal cards. specially the 25 holiday cards form Kristina and Ashley Newell´s! There is not end to their creativity, for diferent layouts, colors and use of materials! (sigh) .

Thanks for checking out my blog and leaving such a nice comments, you guys make me feel great!

Tons of hugs!

Thursday, December 3, 2009

Sketch Book!

So not having all my card making materials really gets me. Yes, I admit it! but what is worse, it shuts down my imagination and so I spend hours looking at other people's creations while starving for new materials, new ideas, etc.

Then I remembered Krisntina's sketch book. Wow!! her template is great, the directions from her video are amazingly easy to follow and I will have to have a use for it would be lost material... I loved it so much I ended up making two: one for me and one to share.
So here are the two I came up with. Since lacking many things I decided I was going to use my computer to create paper with a word pattern that said: " imagine, sketch, create" over and over and over again.

And here is the other one. I love both they are simple and the best of all they are soooooo useful. Believe me guys we should all at least try to make one of these. It truly has helped get my inspiration back!

Ahhhh what a relieve!!!
So what you think?! they are not as pretty as Kristina's but hey they work!

Merry Christmas!

So the other day after I made the sketch book I was thinking I have to sit down and used it. and this is one of the cards that came up after using the precious sketch book.

I used small pieces of paper with all kinds of greens and other colors. So excuse me if I don't mention any of the paper desiners that I used. I know I have a bit of DCWV, My Minds Eye, and I can't remember the others. I used Inkadinkado clear stamp to write "Merry" and my own hand to Write "Christmas".

(sigh) I am so frustrated for not having the soooo many of my things with me... all my ink pads stamps, paper, punches, etc. It is a great excuse to get new things but not when they cost so much to bring them here... to Pakistan.

I keep praying that I will not get frustrated anymore and get actually more creative about making cards with little materials. (sigh)

Sorry for yapping so much. I hope you like this card and the challenge of making a card with little materials and give it a try. Le t me know what you come up with.

Many Hugs!
Have you seen Krisitna's christmas tree card? Could have we been thinking about the same thing!?! Amzing!

Feel Better Soon!

Hello there!

One more card. I made this card some time ago and it is now that I am sharing it... I am telling you I have a hard time making cards lately.

This one is a fell-better kind of card. I used Inkadinkado stamps and the only stamp ink I have, black! I actually saw around the darker "SOON" I punched the wholes first and then sew.

So I am going to leave you guys to it!
Many thanks!

Wait!!! so what do you guys think?! please drop me a line and let me know!