Monday, September 1, 2008

Good Luck Carolina!

Carolina, a good friend from work is leaving overseas... (sigh)... We will miss her. I made this card really fast. I was inspired by Bombus at Etsy ( ) I love the cards and other awesome goodies made creatively but also looooove the fact that the things are made out of recycle materials! check it out and you will see.

So... what do ya'll think? I really like it! it is very simple and very easy to make. I used American Craft Rub-ons, an old map from Chicago area ( though she is not going there hehe) Post-its and ribbonFX I got from Hobby Lobby this Summer.
Enjoy the view and get inspired.


Debbie Olson said...

I love it! Very clean and graphic--excellent design!

nelliemaeii said...

All of your designs are so simple and beautiful!! I love this one. I want to use maps...I've got an old atlas....Thanks for the inspiration!

Ashley said...

really cute & unique!

Nichole said...

This card is SO CUTE!