Sunday, September 14, 2008

Great Dinner, Awsome Chutney

Hello there!
Do you guys remember I was soooo proud of my crystallized ginger the other day? Well, I used part of it to make Mango Chutney for an Indian Dinner we were going to host just for another couple friend of us.

I prepared the Chutney the afternoon before and it turned out great. I wish I took pics of everything I prepared for that dinner.

Of course, there is always something that doesn't go as planned, right? There was so much food on our small table and everything looked sooo good and smells blended in so deliciously that I forgot to take out the chutney... I was going to cry next day when I was doing the dishes... and remembered.. But we had left overs and decided to give it a try.... guys have no idea..... It was glorious!! what a fab lunch I had! Anyway, this is the pic I took of the chutney when I finished preparing it, it was hot so I am holding it with a towel I love the colors!

Do you guys have a favorite kind of food? I love Indian, Japanese, Thai and Venezuelan of course.

Be back with a card I am making!

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