Sunday, November 9, 2008

My First Layout! Yiipii!!!

I keep trying to update my blog with my latest work.

Something I have worked for tha past week was... MY FIRST LAYOUT!! I made it for my sister's friend too, Lauremy. I decided it was a great occassion and wehad a great idea too.
The idea of this "album" as I call it, is to place advices in each envelope, I created two pages for for the same purpose, I will explain more on each pic. Okay with further due.... Ta da!!!!!!

First Advice: This two pages are dedicated to raltionships advice. the one on the right was used to place the title and the one on the left was used to place the envelop where the advices will be placed. This is repeats through out the rest of the papges of the album.

Second Advice: Intimacy.

Third Advice: Home and house work etc.

Fourth Advice: Kitchen and recipes!

Fifth Advice: Beauty.

Back Cover!

The materials I used... I am afraid it will be a bit difficult to list them all but the main materials were: Pictures from my favorite magazine: Living, DCWV paper, My mind's eye. (you can tell I have no more paper than those two hehehehe), Alpha Punch out, Ink dots, Chipboard, UHU glue, 2way glue, Cheap fabric flowers, SU stamps, American Craft rubons, brads, buttons, post it, stickers among others I can't remember right now.
I have to say, and I am very proud of this, The cardboard base for this album was completely recycled, from other paper goodies I had laying around. The spiral was made at a local store ( God! if only I had one of those machines) The dimensions of this almuns is 5" x 6" and the envelops are 4"x 3". Ufff I am tired... so.. what do you guys think? do you give it your thumps up?!
Many hugs!


Charlene Austin (Willow01) said...

Oh YES~~~I absolutely love it! Now this is the kind of layout I can do. The 12x12 page thing isn't something that interestests me but the album----gorgeous!!

Catherine said...

this is just too cute!

Anthonette said...

What a great idea! Good job. I'm sure your friend will love it.