Sunday, January 17, 2010

Aren't Those My Ideas!?

Hello everyone!

I am not posting a card today. I have to though make a comment about all the cards that I have seen around in all the different blogs and cards of people participating in the so many challenges.

I have noticed in more than one occasion people have had the same ideas I have had. Does that ever happened to you? I have gone around looking at the color challenges as well as the layout challenges and amazes me that when I check the already submitted cards they have either the layout or the same use of colors I was thinking of... waut a minute...Aren't those my ideas?! should I still go for it and create a card that would look like the one someone else's made?! What do you guys do in this situation? It is very acquard and very incredible that this happens. I have to say that it happened too many times this weekend.

Anyway, that makes me be a bit down and creatively bumped for this weekend.

I have also find that the expectations on some of these challenges have gone either very low or is it that the winners are picked up randomly by a computer software?! if someone knows about what is going on with the challenges or me, please let me know!

Thanks for reading!


Anthonette said...

Hi Karla,

When I'm working on a challenge, I purposely try not to surf blogs. I don't want to see what people have created for that same challenge. If you do this, you won't feel "bumped". It's OK to later on see that someone had a similar idea, but it didn't stop you from creating your own version.

Charlene Austin said...

Karla---I agree. When I blog hop I get totally overwhelmed and think there is no way I can make a card. BUT people do have the same ideas and similar styles so I wouldn't let it worry you. Just go for it and be YOU! And I know that YOU and your style is pretty darned great!

Karla said...


You are very right but I tried not to browse the blogs when I want to submit a card into a challenge it is after I make it that I realize they have either have the same ideas... ohh well I think I am over reacting... so I will just keep up with my new thing... don't get up from the chair until a card comes up!

Thanks for the words of encouragement and always being so supportive girl!

Tons of hugs!

Karla said...

Charlene I agree with you. why can't different people have different ideas and make that idea my by using my style while doing it!?

Thanks for your support and always positive attitude!


Winter said...

I try not to look at other's entries either. It keeps my mind focus on just my ideas, but sometimes, I see other's have the same ideas too! :)