Sunday, January 10, 2010

Everything But The Kitchen Sink Challenge No. 6

Hello there!

While going nuts without craft goodies, I kept looking at the challenges over at EBTKS.
I loved how everybody worked so hard and got rewarded with nice candies!

Well, this time I had to participate. This time the main material to be use was from wrapping paper to napkins... since I don't have any of those laying aorund the house and it was allowed to use paper from a variatyof things... I had to use this bag.

I have had an eye on this bag for a long time now. It is very black but I love splash of color on it. so... this bag was going to be part of my challenge. This is what I came up with:

I had to also use a wood stamp. No I am not talking about wood mounted stamps, I am talking about wood stamps. Whenever you come to Pakistan or India you will see beautil fabrics and when you ask about them they will say it is hand colored, handprinted or handmade period. So what they mean is that they have used woodblocks to stamp it. I regret not having a pic of the little wood stamps I got.
Saddly you can't use just any ink. you have to use a thick ink... SU ink pads wont work neither chalk. I had to use Speeball ink and let it sit for a while to dry completely. It might look a bit busy of a card but I still like it.

I love the colors I was able to get from the bag. I almost wish I could have used them all in this card, they are very warm and bright, my kind of colors!
Okay you guys... hope you are palying along this challenge, enjoy the card, and hope this gets you to recycle some cute bags this way.


Brandi said...

Your card is so great! The colors just pop with the black and white background! That is so interesting about the wood stamps! What a great way to recycle gift bags!

Winter said...

What a unique card, I love it! Thanks for playing with us in the challenge! :)

Courtney Baker said...

THis is fantastic! I love love love the look. So cretive!

Anonymous said...

This is a great card! You really thought outside the box, I like the outcome!! Best wishes from snowy Heidelberg!