Friday, March 30, 2012

Lil Bees March Kit

Hello everyone!

 Yes, Lil Bees kit for March is out and there are lovely colors on it. Check them out!

Have you ever done back stitching?I have done it on real embroidery but not often on cards let alone layouts. So here is my first stitched layout. I didn't learn this by myself. I have to admit I got the inspirations from so many other bloggers and scrapbookers. Here is a link to a back stitching tutorial.

There is the Sew Easy you can buy it from Lil Bee's Boutique if you wish to give this a try but sometimes you don't have on hand such a big image as the one I sew on my layout. So I traced it myself and I loooove the results here are the images.

 I am loving the kits for this month. lovely colors and great quality products.

If you owned a sewing machine by all means use it for some cool stitches but I had fun creating this layout and stitching it by hand.

Are these colors cool or what?

 I used every single bit of paper I could, as you can see. I am having a lot of fun with Lil Bees Boutiques' kits!

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Patty said...

Absolutely gorgeous...I love your stitched heart!