Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Something Different

Hello you guys,

I have had tons of free time and between getting cards made and other things, I have been cooking a lot for the past few days.

I come from a family of great cooks, not famous but with great hands for cooking, buenas manos para la cocina, meaning good at seasoning and putting things together and make them work, cooking without measurements and adding things to the eye.
I remember telling my mom I wanted to become a chef when I grew up and even though I am not a chef I love cooking. Anyway, today I was preparing Mango Chutney to eat with super YUMMY Indian food we prepare at home. The recipe requires crystallized ginger and I had to make it from scratch (I don't think I could find it here and if I did I wouldn't buy something I can make myself.) I was so proud of it and how it turned out that I decided it would be a great pic and that I should share it here with you.
Here it is:

From this very fresh root of ginger to this scrumptious preserved:

I am not very good at taking pics but I really like this one!

So I didn't know how to make crystallized ginger before so I looked it up on the Internet and HERE is the link to the recipe.
I am not as good as my mom or my aunts about eye measuring hehehe... specially if it has to do with things I don't do often!
This is not only easy but super simple, you can use ginger in this form, for sooo many recipes or even eat it as candy it is really good. Can you tell I really like ginger? hehehe!!!
See yah!

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ka said...

My mom could just eat ginger without sugar. She actually eats it with RICE and Meat. I know it's weird but when it comes to that kind of food she knows her stuff.