Sunday, November 30, 2008

Baby cards?...Mommy Cards!?

Uhmmm well, I had no idea babies had their own " business" cards!!! They are actually called Mommy Cards.This is sooo new to me... but you know I think it is still very cute and fab!

This is how I understand they work: when you go to a B-day party you prepare your gift and you add one of these cute cards to the gift so the parents and the kid will know who brought it!

Sometimes theses cards would be a family card, where all the family member have their name on as well as their contact info... clever and cute, ah? I wish I had a super printer to get them done with lots of color and amazing graphics... (sigh).

A friend of mine asked me (long time ago, I have to admit) if I'd do a couple for her and so I told her I would make some samples for her... not that I forgot about her I was just busy ( I am telling you, Ashley!!) anyhow! tell me what yah think, would you!? Any suggestions?

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Bianca from Germany said...

They are very nice! New for me!