Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Sending Love at Christmas!

Good morning everyone!

First of I am very happy I made it to the top ten on the Color Inspiration #32 at Kristina Werner! I didn't really mean to, I though I didn't have a chance since it took me forever to come up with a great idea but... hey I made it!!!!!!

I have always wanted to do this kind of card since I saw Jennifer McGuire making a fab one. Mine is a bit different because I am not dry embossing and I do not have the same stamps, or materials since they are soo hard to find them here! anyway... Here it is. I hope you like it... and as usual, if you have any suggestions or improvements, I am all ears, sorry, eyes!

I almost forgot, I love how the ribbon looks on this card, but If I am going to mail it, I wonder if the envelop would end up tearing or something! any suggestions about that? I know I can replace the ribbon with something else, I just really like it! what do you do when you have to mail a cards with a nice ribbon and bow or nod?

Many, many hugs!

PD: What do you think Kerry?


Jill Haddad said...

I just add a piece of chipboard over the front of the card and slide into the envelope. It keeps it from tearing and also protects delicate embellishments while in the mail system. Beautiful card btw!

Odette said...

Congrats on Top Ten!

Anthonette said...

I love Jennier McGuire's work too. I love this pocket card.