Monday, December 8, 2008

Have a Very Merry Christmas

It's been a very long time since I published anything... I feel like I say this every time I update the blog hehehe... I have to apologize.
Anyway, tonight I am bringing you a couple of cards. My idea was to make them so I could place cute pics inside somewhere, what do you think of these?

I have created this window card, thinking about bright colors and very Christmas like with trees and snowflakes. I loved making this one, it was very fun and it is the second time I have ever used buttons. I might change the buttons to something else since it might be too bulky to mail it.

I was trying to create something not so Christmasy but Christmasy, you know what I mean? hehehe. Christmas colors, but not necessarily the season symbols, except for the embossed trees on the right of the card, really hard to see in this pic.

With this one I tried to get the season symbols with soft colors, the only problem with this one is that I didn't finished it. I had the idea but then got distracted and "puff" it was gone... nothing that I tried I liked... I think I am just getting tire of using the same stamps set over and over again. Anyway, what can I do to finish this card? Any ideas or suggestions?
Actually, you know what? I think that would be a great idea for a challenge, don't you think? to finished a card...uhmmmm... I wonder if there are challenges like this. Okay okay I am getting distracted once again.
Like them? Please let me know.
Many hugs.


Savitri said...

Love love love the trees! These cards are GORGEOUS! You do such nice work! Your Kristina card is beautiful too!!

Charlene Austin (Willow01) said...

Oh these Christmas cards are amazing! I absolutley love the multi colored trees!! Have a great day Karla!!!