Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Long Time Not Updated

Yeap I know it is been a long time and I am very sorry. But here I come with a couple of cards.

But before giving you the cards I want to share something. I finally went to the only scrapbooking store in this big city. Not a very big store,taking into account that there are soooo many companies with soo many great products.. you can go to http://www.scrapit.com.ve/ to check it out. It is not a big website but it will give you an idea of how new the scrapnooking is in this country.

So I tried uing some Color Inspiration and couldn't post it on time to participate in the top 20 but I just thought I could post it now.. I used the same sentiment stamp...
Did you noticed I am not using any designer paper? I know I guess I have used none before but it is not usual. Soooooo what do you think? like it? any suggestions?

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Cristina Tronco said...

pretty cards!
I saw your comment on Kristina's blog and wanted to tell you that I went to see that video!
really great!
if you are interested in these kind of videos about enviroment you'll enjoy "the history of stuff". is a great video, full of cientific informations and very fun to watch at the same time!

if we all try to do something, maybe one day we'll get there!