Saturday, June 6, 2009

A new Life In Pakistan!

WOW! can't believe such a long time has passed since I last posted anything. Sorry about that!

Well, I am writing to let you know I will be absent for a while. Our tiny little family is moving to Pakistan. Yes, I know it sounds crazy but we do really believe it will be not only a big culture change but also a great and positive experience. We will go to a place we are both going to learned about the culture of, since none of us have lived in that area of the world.

I was soooo busy making last minute cards for friends, packing and finishing the school year that.. I barely had time to put up any pictures of my latest creations.

One of the things I will miss the most,besides all my family, the good company, the yummy stuff, and magnificent weather, is the scrapbooking club at Scrap-it! Could it be that there are card makers or scrapbookers or paper artists in Pakistan? that will be my next reasearch project.

So, please bare with me as our journey to a new home starts in a week (it actually started at least a month ago). I will post some pics of our soooo-empty apartment soon.

Hugs and thanks!


Ashley C. Newell said...

WOW, Pakistan sounds so interesting! Congrats and I wish you a great move! Even without local scrapbook stores, the online papercrafting world is stronger than ever!

Anthonette said...

There is a paper crafting blogger in Pakistan named Erum (or E.T.)

She hasn't posted in a month, so I hope she's OK.

Best wishes on this big adventure.

Titelaine said...

Good luck in your new life!

Chris said...

Blessings to you and your family. Hope that you will be safe on this new adventure...

Patty said...

Good luck Karla. We´ll miss you too!
Keep in touch

ninasays said...

Whoa, what kind of news! I hope you will have a great time there. Are you moving there temporarily?! I hope you'll be fine and that maybe you get to craft a bit ;) Many Greetings from Germany