Tuesday, June 16, 2009

It has not hit me yet, or has it, already!?

Hey how are y'all doing? This is what I have been doing and how I have been feeling lately about the whole moving-out-of-the-country thing.

My summer just started and along with it the loooong process of emptying the appartment. My DH left really early this morning. I am already missing him tons!In the mean time I am sitting in a cybercafe because we terminated our internet and cable contract... sooo... after a long day of moving things around our apartment ... I am tired, girls.

I am also very happy. Seems like all those months of preparations have been worth the stress it caused. Things are happening very fast now and everyday doesn't seem to be enough.. but ohhh well... just like what Bobby Marley sed to sing "...everything is going to be alright, everything is going to be alright, everything is going to be alright..."

For now I am looking foward to see my family at the end of this week, enjoy them as much as I can and... this is going to be crazy but I am looking foward to meet our buddies Bernadine and Henrique! yes.. they are comming to town all the way from Islamabad... Yipee!!!

Okay, I am running out of time here, so I am going to be leaving soon. Just wanted to drop a line or two about what I have been doing.

Have any of you moved from your country? I would love to know about your experience. The only thing that I have to say for now is that it feels good, it has not hit me yet that I will be leaving my country, my town, my home, my family, my friends ( sighs) or maybe it has already!

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travelingmama said...

My goodness! Pakistan is going to be quite a change, isn't it? My recommendation for your packing list is to find some really good informational blogs of expats living in Pakistan. Ask them what they wish they would have packed! Personally, I filled my bags more with craft items rather than food items because I'd rather have my paper than food! LOL! I put a few basic items and a couple luxury items (peanut butter for us!) in there just so we could have a few comfort foods, but I've learned to cook almost everything from scratch here.
I hope that helps! I would love to stay in touch with you as you move!
I wish you the absolute best in your adventure!