Sunday, August 23, 2009

First Cards in a Foreing Land

Hello everyone!

I am very happy but a little sad too. I am very thankful for everything that has happened to us. We moved to Pakistan and have had a great start here.
I am a little sad because I didn't get to bring all my suplies. I wasn't able to buy all of the cute things or the much needed things I was dying to get before coming here. I could not get soooo many things but with all and all I am very thankful for everything.
Our days here have gone really fast and everything's been fine. We are really enjoying our house, garden and the neighborhood. I have even met a papercrafter today through e-mail, Hi Afsha!!

Since I don't have many of the materials that I normaly use. I have decided to try and go black and white for the first card. Here it is!
I thought the card wasn't as sad as I imagined in my mind. It actually made me feel very good. The truth is that I was not in the mood to create but I thought I would organize my craft spot and give it a try.

Then a challenge!! There was a Baby shower for four baby boys!! Yes, four baby boys and four different moms. I checked for ideas on ETSY and KWerner's blog. Put different ideas together and here is the card I came up with.

What do you think about my first cards in a foreign land? Now I can say I feel very challenged and very happy to have such a great opportunity. To be VERY creative and use materials like I have never used before.

Many hugs and thanks for reading!


Anthonette said...

Hi Karla! Glad you are settled in. Love the new cards, especially the elephant one. Great job!

Afshan said...

Hi Karla! :) Got ur email will reply soon :)
Love the cards! Both r great!!

Patty said...

Hi Karla!
It´s a beatiful white card.
I´m happy to hear your good news!

Go ahead, you have a huge creativity even without tools!