Thursday, July 2, 2009

What I Will Miss The Most!

I am in my home town with my family, finally enjoying the summer vacation. We already took a road trip, been up and down all over town, made sleep overs and of course lunch and dinner together.

Today while reading travelingmama's American Shopping List I couldn't be more amazed on how simple the list was and how I keep making everything soooo complicated trying to figure out what is it that I will miss the most? should I take bunch of goodies? am I willing to spend money on extra luggage to take all the goodies? Of course I should. All this thinking made me realized that it is my family I will miss the most, this beautiful land and the people.

Now off to do some more research and more errands.
P.S. I have been missing my craft paper things!! (sigh)

1 comment:

Patty said...

¿cómo has estado?
¿ya estás instalada?
¿Cuándo inicias tus clases?

Un gran abrazo y te hemos extrañado en el club de scrapbook!

Espero este todo en orden!