Sunday, November 22, 2009

Absence is Over

Good evening,

How justify my absence here?! There is none, really. I am sure you want to know. I have been busy ( that is our major excuse). I have been in Islamabad for a few months but feels like we have been here for a couple of weeks. Work and the stress of the situation in the country just brings you down and the creative juices seem to dismiss itself saying "it is not a good time".

But things are getting better in the city and the juices are almost back into inspiration mode. I have to admit I have not missed any of my friends blogs... I have been checking them out and seen what products are new, what techniques are the latests scream in the fashion world of card making and I end up with big sighs and saying to myself "if only".

So... I have been creating some stuff this week and you will see them soon. Thanks for those of you who have been leaving a comments while I have been sooooo absent, and reminded me that in this gigantic sea people still care!

See yah in a few minutes with some new cards!
Hugs to all!

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Charlene Austin said...

Oh Karla....missed you!!