Sunday, November 22, 2009

Gobble Gobble

Hello there!

As I told you, I have not missed any of the blogs' latest happenings. Tell me, who doesn't love Kristina Werner and her so very inspirational cards?

So time to eat turkey an count your bleassings more carefully then usual. I have tons let me share a couple:
I give thanks for...
1) Loving, kind, funny, creative, amazingly smart, skillful, patient and always handsome husband.
2) Loving and caring family.
3) Been able to experience other cultures and countries.
4) Health.
5) Feeling the promises coming true from up above.

There are so many more...So been that time of the year, where we give thanks for everything, plus the help of the fabulous tutorial from Kristina Werner, I made this card:

I am so curious about how other peoples card turn out. I am telling you, I miss Kristina's challenges and the amazing job she did of picking the bests and making an electronic "quilt" with all of them! (sigh). However her 25 days of cards videos are just "delicious" as a former 3rd grade student use to say and they are a great inspiration.

Well, here it is please let me know what do you think. I will be back with more. Got to go because I am getting a great idea for another card
Hugs to you all!
P.S. By the way I used my mind's eye paper for the turkey's tale.


Anthonette said...

Karla, awesome!!! I love your take on Kristina's turkey card.

Elke said...

Hi Karla, here is someone writing to you from Germany. I read this older post just now and I must say, I prefer your version of the turkey. I also love to have white cards as a base. Greetings from Berlin. Elke