Thursday, December 3, 2009

Sketch Book!

So not having all my card making materials really gets me. Yes, I admit it! but what is worse, it shuts down my imagination and so I spend hours looking at other people's creations while starving for new materials, new ideas, etc.

Then I remembered Krisntina's sketch book. Wow!! her template is great, the directions from her video are amazingly easy to follow and I will have to have a use for it would be lost material... I loved it so much I ended up making two: one for me and one to share.
So here are the two I came up with. Since lacking many things I decided I was going to use my computer to create paper with a word pattern that said: " imagine, sketch, create" over and over and over again.

And here is the other one. I love both they are simple and the best of all they are soooooo useful. Believe me guys we should all at least try to make one of these. It truly has helped get my inspiration back!

Ahhhh what a relieve!!!
So what you think?! they are not as pretty as Kristina's but hey they work!

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Charlene Austin said...

That is so great! There has to be tons of free downloadable things you can use. Get searching lady! You are so creative that you can't be stopped by having minimal supplies.