Friday, April 2, 2010

Music Recital

Hello there!

We are back from our trip to Thailand. Let me tell you it is our second time there and it was great! we planned better this time and our time there turn out to be much more enjoyable.

Okay lets go to the matter of this post which is this card down here. It is actually an invitation I was asked to create for a Srping Music Recital. I first started thinking about flowers and things like that... but since I had to create at least 15 I knew I could not put too many details in this card... so here it is...

I used thread inspired on KWerner's card. I don't have much material but what I have I am trying to use every bit or recycle which I did. the Kraft paper is recycled!

The music notes were "saddly" printed from my computer. I say saddly because to tell you the truth I rather stamp them but hey it worked!

So what do you think? In a different note. I am very happy to be back to our home in Islamabad. Our bed, our confortable kitchen, living room and tv room! Love them all!

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liz said...

Incredible designs!!! always an inspiration for me cousin!!!... keep on the great work