Friday, March 19, 2010

Every Bit

Hello everyone... AGAIN!

I have been very happy with the Cosmo Cricket paper I got a few weeks ago. Bu I have also become very aware of how little paper I have and the so very SMALL chances of getting some more any time soon. So because of that I have become a RECYCLER. I've always tried to use every single piece of paper but nowadays I think twice before throwing anything. from circles to small corners.
So I have used couple of pieces of the 6x6 Cosmo Cricket paper to create several cards with different sentiments. Here they are:
On this one (on top)I started to put small and big pieces together...
Fot this one I was already a bit out of paper and cardstock. can you tell? hehehe.
I was trying to post these cards in the same order I made them but made the mistake of thinking I could change the order easily. Don't you hate when Blogger just doesn't make it wasy for you?!
Well, on this one (on top) I created still had a bit of paper. and created a window card.
Ohhhh on this one I still had a lot and made a circle and used a big piece to place on the side of the card again with KWerner inspiration!
Well, so these are all the cards I made with three pieces of 6x6 and help of leftover color cardstock.
Have you done such a challenge?! I mean using specific quantity of paper to make x number of cards?! If so let me know and tell me about how you rationed the paper.

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Anthonette said...

Yowser! These are awesome creations, Karla. Hope you're having a great time in Thailand.