Monday, January 4, 2010

Happy New Year everybody!
As you might have noticed because of my tiwts, we decided to go to exciting INDIA! but before our departure I had some time to make these cards to send home to my family. I am sure the package is still in transit however I keep hoping and praying it will get there, no matter how late.
Anyway, here they are. I was not planning on using these colors at all but they came together as I was browsing through my recycle file of cardstock.
For this one I have to admit it is not my favorite one just because the background on the right side of the card didn't turned out as I wanted. I do however love the embossed snowflake.

This is just a different angle of the same card. I liked the colors so much I decided to make a series with the same materials and here are the results:

Aren't there times when after you have made a card and you look at the pics and think you could have done something different to it? This one I like too but I think it is too square of a base card. Oh well!

I still like it!

This is, I think, my favorite of them all! I had this little piece of embossed snowflake left over and had to use it somehow... and it worked very nicely I think.

Sometimes I wish I had a super creative brain to come up with "cooler" sketches like Kristina Werner or Ashley Newel, or Tina from the travelingmama or Joanne... I pray it will come to me more often specially if I keep up making cards.

Something I feel I need badly is Challege... I might join Ashley's!! We'll see! Anyway, I hope this year is full of grea blessings and among them tons o health and prosperity to ya'll!



Tim y Karla said...

Testing soemthing here!

Anthonette said...

Wow, Karla, you did a fantastic job with all the cards! Happy New Year.

Charlene Austin said...

Happy New Year Karla!!!